Innovative Litigation Funding Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Apex provides access to justice by funding small to medium size cases. If you win your case, we receive a share of the awards. If you lose, there is nothing to repay.

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The Future of Litigation Finance

We use artificial intelligence to
inform our risk assessment and

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Funding Your Case with Apex

We offer non-recourse litigation investments with quick turnarounds.

Litigation funding is where a third party provides the financial resources to enable litigation or arbitration cases to proceed. If the case is won, the funder receives an agreed share of the proceeds of the claim. If the case is unsuccessful, the funder loses its money and nothing is owed by the litigant.

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Apex brings together experts from the legal and finance sectors to provide third party litigation funding to corporates, liquidators and individuals unable to pursue a claim due to the prohibitive cost of litigation.

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Maurice Power, CEO at Apex, introduces our firm and our unique technology partnership with CourtQuant.

Augmented by
Artificial Intelligence

Apex draws on AI systems
developed by CourtQuant
to assess risk. All applications
for litigation funding will be initially reviewed by our AI system.

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AI-Driven Litigation Risk Assessment

Through the use of AI, Apex is able to predict outcomes and analyse background statistics.

Outcome Prediction

Predict who will win before anyone even sets foot in court.

Settlement Prediction

Predict who will settle before you start litigating.

Timeline Prediction

Receive an estimate of how long the litigation will take.

Costs and Awards

Predict how high the award and the costs of the case will be.

Apex's Technology Advantage

Risk Assessment

Artificial Intelligence will allow Apex to process funding decisions faster, provide more competitive terms to claimants and protect investors through better management of risk.

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A Strong Partner

CourtQuant is a litigation risk assessment firm based in London and Bratislava with a vision to make litigation more transparent.

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Mutual Benefit

Apex's partnership with CourtQuant gives Apex a clear advantage in the litigation funding market through custom analytics and allows CQ to improve its software products even further.

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Innovative Litigation Finance

We launched Apex to provide meritorious claimants with a better litigation funding solution. With quick funding decisions, lower minimum claim sizes and cutting-edge technology, Apex will help you succeed in enforcing your rights.

Executive Team

Apex brings together top talent from the legal, financial and technology space to provide a bespoke funding product.

Maurice Power

Chief Executive Officer

In 2016 Maurice led the successful launch of Ferguson Litigation Funding Limited and quickly established this new business as a credible and trusted provider within the global litigation funding market.

Since 2013 Maurice has also been the Managing Director of Ferguson Financial Solicitors, during which time the firm has established itself as a major partner to the UK insolvency sector.

Prior to joining Ferguson Financial Solicitors, Maurice spent 16 years in the UK motor claims sector, primarily managing national sales teams for LSE listed companies Helphire Group plc and Accident Exchange plc.

Michael Payne

Business Development Manager

Mike has been in the Legal Expenses Insurance markets since the early nineties, predominantly in the After the Event (ATE) sector.

Having held a Senior Management position at Burford, where he was Head of Operations, Mike has extensive experience of working with Solicitors, Barristers, Insolvency Practitioners and Corporates to place litigation funding on cases of all sizes and type.

Sergei Purewal


Sergei is a non-practising Solicitor admitted in England and Wales with significant high value, complex dispute resolution (ADR) and litigation experience (commercial and civil) in sectors of private practice, litigation funding and after-the-event insurance and has been asked to use his specialised knowledge and skills in the capacity as expert witness.

Sergei has been involved in some of the leading precedent setting landmark cases in the U.K. (including class actions) having worked for the likes of law firms Dentons and Eversheds as well as litigation funders Burford Capital (UK) and Ferguson’s. He has held senior posts as Partner and Funding Manager, as well as being a Senior Underwriter in the legal expenses sector and so is able to bring together a wealth of valuable knowledge and insight into managing litigation/ arbitration risks from across the aisles by practicing an innovative, forward thinking, added value and solution-driven approach.

Michael Symons


Michael is a legal entrepreneur and has a wealth of experience in the legal and ATE sectors as well as a good working knowledge of litigation funding.

Michael qualified as a solicitor at the end of 1979 and has held a practising certificate for 40 years although only practising for a fraction of this time having set up, or invested in, various quasi legal and disruptive businesses.

In 1992 he jointly founded the Helphire Group as CEO which was the market leader in credit hire and repair, floating the company on the main list of the London Stock Exchange in 1997. Helphire's insurance subsidiary, Angel Assistance, pioneered ATE and was the largest marketeer of ATE policies in the UK in its formative years. Helphire changed the way that insurers behaved towards policyholders following accidents, but not without some major legal battles including three Court of Appeal cases and two House of Lords cases over a two year period at the start of 2000.

Michael left Helphire (which has now merged with Northgate) in 2005 and jointly founded LAMP Group Limited, a specialist ATE underwriter which was very successful before the law relating to recovery of premiums changed in April 2013. He had the role of Chairman until 2018 when he took over as CEO and subsequently liquidated the Group.

Michael has been a non-executive director and shareholder in Epoq Group Limited since 2006, the market leader in the UK for online legal services.

Timothy Fallowfield


Tim has 33 years experience in the finance sector. Having worked on both the buy (Black River Asset Management, Noble Resources) and sell sides (Chase, ABN, UBS, ING), with the last 15 years running external or internal Macros Hedge Funds. Over half of his career has been in Asia and Tim’s expertise in setting up and managing a fund will help provide a robust and secure framework to the operating process of the Apex funds.

Stephen Allinson


Stephen has specialised in credit, debt and insolvency work since 1987, and has extensive experience in dealing with the full range of these procedures. Prior to setting up his own consultancy, he was a Business Recovery and Insolvency partner at a major law firm. As well as acting as a Consultant to the legal profession, he also pursues many other projects in the legal, insolvency and credit fields and is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Law.

In addition to being a Solicitor Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, he has previously been an Associate Member of the Association of Property and Fixed Charge Receivers.

Stephen was appointed Chairman of the Board of The Insolvency Service in January 2017 and is also the Chairman of the Joint Insolvency Examination Board (JIEB); the Deputy Independent Examiner for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and one of the Chairmen of the Methodist Church Disciplinary Process.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We are interested in funding cases of all sizes, although we have particular expertise in funding low to medium value cases (£100k to £5m in value).

Apex is able to assist corporates, individuals and liquidators of failed businesses.

In order to properly to assess the risk, we like to see and evaluate the following items before a decision can be reached:

  • The principal documents relied on in the case.
  • Any witness statements that have been prepared.
  • Any Court documents that have been filed.
  • A written legal opinion dealing positively with the merits.
  • Any pre-issue correspondence exchanged with the defendant.
  • A written estimate of the costs to be incurred in pursuing the claim.

However, we do recognise that, depending on the stage the preparations of the case have reached, some of these documents might not be immediately available.

The obvious advantage of litigation finance is to transform the bargaining power of financially challenged or impecunious claimants against better-resourced defendants. Apex helps provide those taking action against large companies with the resources needed to fight a protracted legal battle.

Claimants who have the ability to self-fund benefit from sharing the cost risk of the litigation and having an expert investor confirm that the case is financially viable.

Yes, Apex can provide funding for all or part of the costs of an action depending on the needs of the claimant.

As the funding is a non-recourse investment in the litigation, should the case lose then there is nothing to repay to Apex.

Apex requires repayment of all deployed capital and payment of the pre-agreed fee on each successful case. The payment of these amounts will be handled by your solicitors as instructed in our agreement.

Apex would expect to make an offer of funding, on acceptable cases, within 10 working days of the receipt of an application.

Apex does not have control over the case and does not have the right to make the claimant accept or decline a settlement offer. The claimant will retain ultimate control of their case.

Investor Relations

Apex is a growth company. Please fill out the form using the button below to discover investment opportunities with Apex.


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